What I’ve been up to while this blog’s been quiet

With the great things I’m sure you’re reading, I doubt you’ve noticed that The Human Evolution Blog has been pretty quiet the past few months. I’m working on the next post and hope to get it up soon, but I wanted to share some of the other writing I’ve been doing lately:

In August, I wrote this eulogy for Oliver Sacks.

In September, I wrote:

This article for Clapway about a DNA test proving that a waiter spit in a customer’s drink.

This post about a sexist advertisement in a Mindware catalog that then turned into this happy ending in November.

This post on Clapway about the discovery of water on Mars.

This post about horribly sexist children’s costumes at Party City.

In October and November, I brought the love back to The Human evolution Blog and wrote this post about problems with the Homo genus. This book review about the most important fossils ever. This about how trauma distorts memory. This book review about the science of wine.

Then in December, I wrote:

This post about casual racism in a Radialab podcast.

This post about the awful Martin Shkreli and Turing Pharmaceutical.

This article for Skeptic Magazine.

In January, back to The Human Evolution Blog to write this post about virtual paleontology, this post about when I got ciguatera poisoning from a barracuda and this post about mentoring friendships in gorillas.

The in February, I wrote:

This post predicting a big win for Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses (that almost, but didn’t, happen)

This post about SCOTUS justice named during election years.

Phew, I guess I’ve been busy writing after all.



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