My YouTube Channel

Hello followers of The Human Evolution Blog.

I’m writing to say that I have started a YouTube Channel where I will occasionally post videos of events that I’m a part of or otherwise find interesting and worthy of sharing. In addition, I will also begin posting video essay versions of the articles that I write for this blog. I thought this would be an interesting way to reach more people and share my thoughts in a more visual and stimulating way.

The first video is now up, which is a video version of my most recent blog post:

All credit for this video goes to Selena Linares, a student at John Jay College, for the video production and editing. This video is entirely her work. All I did was read the text. We are hoping to roll one or two of these video essays out per month.

If you’re a regular YouTube user, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my channel and sharing my videos with your own network.




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