Video: My Book Talk at the San Francisco Public Library

I recently completed a small book tour through California promoting Not So Different: Finding Human Nature in Animals and the San Francisco Public Library shot a high-quality video of the talk. I’m really happy with how this turned out, except that the Q and A was cut off. There were some VERY insightful questions and a probing discussion followed the talk for about 30 minutes.

This was a very general book talk. For those in the NYC area, I have two events schedule this fall in which I will focus my presentation and go even deeper into speculations and rumination than I do in the book. I will be at the New York Public Library on Wednesday, August 31st, and this talk will focus on bonding, attachment, and grief. Then I will be speaking on the campus of John Jay College on November 15th at 430p. This talk is entitled “The Biological Foundations of Justice.”

Here is the SFPL book talk. Hope you enjoy:


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