Behe, Bias, and Bears (Oh my!)

Dear readers: I have been very neglectful of this blog for more than two years, but I have resolved to get back in the swing of things in 2023 as I prepare more public engagement in anticipation of the release of my next book in early 2024. Before I start putting out new stuff, however, I will get caught up with announcements of stuff that’s already out there. So here goes.

In September of 2020, I gave a presentation on the latest nonsense from Intelligent Design proponents in the Skeptical Inquirer Presents lecture series run by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. This presentation was one part crash course on the history of ID, one part a history of my run-ins with the ID community, and one part a thorough debunking of Michael Behe’s latest book, Darwin Devolves. You can watch the full presentation here.

The latter story got very interesting as Behe responded to some of my critiques and in the process was caught in an obvious misrepresentation of data in an attempt to strengthen his case. You can read the full story of this here, with more links therein.

Anyway, Skeptical Inquirer then asked me to write up the content of my presentation as an article for the magazine and I did so. Since this is a faster and easier to share medium for this material, I want to post a link to that article now that it is published. So here it is:

Read the article here.

I hope you enjoy! I look forward to interacting with you again in this space. -NHL


3 thoughts on “Behe, Bias, and Bears (Oh my!)

  1. Welcome back.

    I first heard you speak a number of years ago at the NYC Atheists’ monthly brunch. You discussed, amongst much else, how indignantly irate the capuchin monkey became when it sensed it wasn’t being rewarded fairly.

    I subsequently attended another, equally interesting and delightful lecture of yours at John Jay.

    Do you have any upcoming public lectures on the docket in Manhattan?

    Thanks for spreading scientific truth — or, at least, the consensus truth of the moment.

    With best regards, Dolly Teasley

    iPhone note: Q: Why was 6 afraid of 7? A: Because 7 ate 9. (1/2/23 NYT crossword puzzle. Boo, hiss.)



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